Having a healthy immune system is the best protection we have. Against microbes, bacteria and viruses, vitamin C for the immune system is one of our best allies!

Thanks to this precious nutrient, in fact, you can protect your body more efficiently from the aggressions of various diseases, from the most common cold to major diseases, such as cancer.

Let’s see in detail how and why!

Vitamin C: the best friend of your immune system

If you have neglected your immune system in the past, you know that when your body has low immune defences, it is more likely to be prey to infections and diseases.

Vitamin C has an immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory and antiviral action: it activates the white blood cells and the production of chemical mediators that direct the immune response, effectively raising the levels of protection of your body.

Vitamin C for immune defences

The lymphocytes defend the immune system. A type of white blood cell that produces antibodies, capable of attacking viruses, bacteria or toxins that attack the body.

After being attacked by an infection or experiencing excessive stress, the number of antibodies decreases and this is where vitamin C comes in.

This nutrient can activate the function of lymphocytes and stimulate the production of antibodies, strengthening your body to heal it earlier and to defend it against future external aggression.

In short, if you ensure a regular and correct dose of vitamin C, you’ll get less sick and heal sooner!

Vitamin C for the immune system: a natural anti-inflammatory

Inflammation can be either friend or enemy of your organism. In the first case, it can serve as a protective response of the immune system to an attack of pathogens. However, if the inflammation occurs without a cause, it becomes harmful. This is the case, for example, with autoimmune diseases such as arthritis.

Among the most effective vitamins as natural anti-inflammatories is vitamin C, which can reduce the symptoms of muscle or joint inflammation without any particular contraindications.

Vitamin C for the immune system: as an antiviral

The positive influence of vitamin C on the immune system also applies to infectious problems such as coughs and colds.

Correct intake of vitamin C not only makes you less vulnerable to infection, it can also reduce the duration and severity of symptoms, acting as a true natural antiviral.

How much vitamin C each day?

Recommended daily intake levels according to LARNs range from 35 to 105 mg depending on age groups. Special conditions, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, convalescence or severe stress, change the need for it.

How to include Vitamin C in your daily diet

Because it helps the immune system Vitamin C is found in nature, especially in raw fruits and vegetables, another reason why these foods should always be abundantly present in your diet.

Among other things, it should be noted that most vitamin C is removed from the body in three to four hours. That’s why it should be taken several times a day.

While vitamin C is such a powerful nutrient, it is also very delicate. It can deteriorate with dents, cuts or exposure to light, air and heat in food. Therefore, it is preferable to consume foods that contain it raw or lightly cooked. In this article, we explain to you what are the main enemies of vitamin C.