We are all committed, but some of us are more stressed than others and are looking for supplements to combat fatigue, stress and fatigue. Students, parents and busy executives know all about fatigue, but do you know how to fight it?

Here are 3 supplements to combat fatigue, the stress of everyday life and fatigue.

Being constantly stressed and tired has consequences that go beyond making you feel terrible, it actually has a huge impact on your body, and makes it harder to develop your muscles, lose fat and maintain an optimal body weight. If your lifestyle is hectic and you often feel overwhelmed, you can do a lot to counter this naturally with supplements.


This is one of the 8 “essential” amino acids (essential because our body does not synthesize it, so we need to take it through foods that contain it or through supplements) and is known as an ideal supplement to increase good mood and promote recovery and sleep, but do you know why?
L-Tryptophan is actually a precursor to melatonin, niacin/vitamin B3, and serotonin (“the hormone of happiness”), each of which helps recover from any stressful lifestyle. We can get serotonin from dietary sources, but it is difficult to get an optimal amount (monitor dosage) without exaggerating with calories. So taking a tryptophan supplement is the ideal way to support your mood and improve the quality of your sleep.

As you probably know, low levels of serotonin are associated with anxiety and mild depression and can be the triggering factor of snacks based on consoling foods or late night snacks. So if you’re training hard, going through a period of stress, or suffering from insomnia, try try try tryptophan: it’s completely natural and extremely convenient.


ZMA is a very popular supplement among people who want a better quality of sleep; it is particularly popular among men, but also women can benefit from it. Our ZMA capsules contain 500mg of a blend containing highly bioavailable forms of zinc and magnesium and (most importantly) include the original l-OptiZinc supplement, which is the only Zinc-Magnesium supplement recognised and validated by published research. So make sure your ZMA supplement contains it (many don’t).

That’s why ZMA can help both sleep and recovery: Zinc is responsible for testosterone production, Magnesium is well known for increasing sleep quality and Vitamin B6 helps both Zinc and Magnesium to be better absorbed and used by the body. Regardless of the type of training or diet, ZMA will help to increase natural hormone levels, better support sleep, and help brain function. This will make you feel much better, no matter how stressful your life is, or becomes.


We have just talked about magnesium as an aid to sleep, rest and recovery. So if you are looking for a magnesium-based supplement to combat poor sleep quality, fatigue and fatigue, Magnesium Bisglycinate may be the best solution because it is a form of mineral that is naturally bound to the amino acid Glycine, which means that absorbed by the body more easily. Our product (Magnesium Bisglycinate capsules) consists of 500mg capsules, of which 100mg are active Magnesium. If these numbers don’t mean much to you, trust us when we say it’s a high-level product designed for optimal dosage at an affordable price!