The whole truth to sexual attraction - Is it real?

If you are an adult male, you can get sex hormone products such as testosterone or birth control pills. If you are a female, you need to use a female to male hormone (fTMS) to increase your sex hormone production. There are many different products, all with varying side effects. The one I recommend for female is Lupron. It's very effective and you only need a very small amount. In contrast, there are many other products on the market that can cause sexual dysfunction. I've also seen some very expensive products with very low side effects, but that can cost a fortune if the person is on a budget. The FDA recently took action to make the FDA's position clear. Here are the most common "female" side effects: "Breast enlargement" "Breast growth" "Glandular enlargement" "Hormone imbalance" "Fertility loss" "Loss of libido" Male side effects: "Hormone imbalance" "Puberty delay" "Sperm production and loss" "Fertility loss" "Sperm growth and weight gain" "Breast enlargement" "Glandular enlargement" "Fertility loss" "Cervical enlargement" The first two are rare and rarer than "female" side effects. The third and fourth are pretty common and are known to be related to the estrogen found in hormone replacement therapy. Most "female" side effects are related to sex hormone deficiencies, which is why they are also called "herpetic" side effects.

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