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It is my belief that everyone can benefit from these products.

The information contained in this page is based on research of the research department of the Clinical Nutrition Center (CNC) in New York, and the Nutrition Data Laboratory (NDL) at the University of South Florida. The information contained on this page has been researched by Dr. Michael J. Cohen, and I am not affiliated with the CNC or the NDL. It is only an analysis of the evidence for which I am prepared to offer my opinion. I will be updating this page periodically, as new research is presented, to provide an updated version of this page. I am also providing links to other pages in this site. I encourage everyone to check out these pages in their original, non-edited form for themselves.

I'm currently working on a book that will attempt to answer the question of whether a healthy diet is important, with an emphasis on the dietary components that make up our diets. I will also provide a detailed dietitian's guide for people who are interested in the health of their food. I'll start to answer those questions here, and then expand upon the book. It's called "Diet for a Healthy You" and will be out in 2018. I will also have a new blog site.

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