The whole truth to warts - Is it real?

My goal is to find one product that is effective against the warts.

All of the products I review are available in the United States. I try to buy a product every 6 months or so to ensure a good supply of warts-busting products. For more information on what I do, please visit the links below: What is a wart? The word wart has become so overused that it no longer seems to mean anything useful. Warts are actually a form of a disease (disease), which are caused by a fungus, called Borrelia burgdorferi. These fungal bacteria live in your body and cause a number of diseases. Warts can be small or large, are usually yellow in color, and have long, slimy, waxy structures that are made of keratin (the same protein found in hair). In most cases, they cause no symptoms. What causes warts? A person's body produces two types of cells, skin cells and white blood cells. These cells fight off infection by killing the fungus. It is very unlikely for the fungus to survive and cause a serious illness. The fungus usually only causes mild symptoms like redness and a change in the color of your skin. The warts themselves are harmless, and can be removed without harming the skin.

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